Employment Services

Employment Services specializes in matching employees with employers who offer positions for individuals having difficulty finding employment.

Our Employment Training Specialist will:

  • Coordinate assistance with Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation Department
  • Provide individualized employment plans
  • Offer interviewing techniques
  • Support with job applications and resumes
  • Search job leads to match individual skills
  • Coordinate interests and abilities with employer needs
  • Provide on the job training and support

Assistance is personalized to meet each individual’s needs. 

Referrals are made by Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Indiana.

For more information on Employment Services, please contact Ann Martin

Work Services

Wabash Center provides an active vocational work services option. The workforce at Greenbush Industries includes individuals with disabilities, as well as others from the community.  The work service vocational purpose is to develop basic work skills needed to be independent and self-reliant.  

Work Services include:

  • Bench parts assembly
  • Literature collating and mail assembly
  • Product inspection & testing
  • Piece sorting and gauging
  • Custom packaging and distribution
  • Janitorial services

Wabash Center’s Work Services currently partners with many major organizations throughout the community.

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For more information on Work Services programs, please contact Ann Martin

To become a Work Services partner company, see our Business Services section.