Tippecanoe & Montgomery Adult Guardianship Services

Tippecanoe & Montgomery Adult Guardianship Services (TAGS & MAGS) provides guardianship and advocacy for incapacitated adults. Participants served by TAGS and MAGS are incapable of representing themselves and do not have others to help them with decision-making. Volunteers provide this caring service. Our helpful volunteers ensure participants receive appropriate healthcare, social services, and the legal representation they need.

Become an Adult Guardianship Volunteer

Volunteers are regularly needed to provide this valuable service. We are continually recruiting and training Volunteers to serve as guardians for these needing adults. Volunteers facilitate healthcare and social services for recipients. After completing training, Volunteers are sworn in as Volunteer Guardians and Officers of the Tippecanoe and Montgomery Courts.

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For more information on Guardianship or Volunteers, please contact Dawn Barngrover