Community Support Services

Respite Care

Wabash Center offers Respite Care by providing temporary relief for caregivers who support individuals with disabilities. Respite Care can take place in any setting approved by the family or guardian. Respite hours can be scheduled for regular visits or occasionally as needed.

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC):

Wabash Center’s PAC Services support individuals with their daily living activities and their own self-care. These supports offer direct assistance, reminders, supervision, and monitoring.

The purpose is to ensure individuals maintain good health, safety, and welfare. PAC services can take place in the community or at home.

Examples of PAC Activities: 

  • Help with personal care, preparing meals, shopping, and errands
  • Assist with mobility, transfers, ambulation, and using assistive devices
  • Support with correspondence, paying bills, and scheduling appointments
  • Escort to community activities, appointments, and leisure activities
  • Supervision and monitoring to ensure health and safety
  • Support achieving behavioral goals

Community Habilitation (CHIO)

Wabash Center’s CHIO program offers community based habilitation, exploration, and skill development for individuals with special needs. This support allows individuals to foster independence through community activities and outings.

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support Services are short-term relief periods for the primary caregiver. This service can take place in any setting when approved by the family or guardian.

OBRA Services

OBRA is a state funded service for individuals with intellectual disabilities who reside in a long term care facility. This service allows for participation in community activities or day programs. Wabash Center’s goal for OBRA services is to maintain community interactions, continue personal relationships, and to retain general social skills.

Transportation Services

Wabash Center’s Transportation Services enable participants to access non-medical community services. This service allows individuals to maintain their mobility within the community, to increase independence, and to expand community participation.

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For more information on these Community Services, please contact Colleen Rhoades