Other Programs and Services

Computer Classes

We offer computer classes where we work with individuals on basic computer skills. If appropriate, we focus on math, reading, and number recognition. We review social media safety and tailor skills training to the needs of each individual.

Cooking Classes

We have a learning kitchen where we teach everyday cooking techniques. We discuss nutrition and review kitchen safety. We focus on the needs and interests of each individual.

Music Therapy

We host music therapy onsite at Wabash Center (provided by Opportunities for Positive Growth) that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages.

Therapeutic Gardening

We offer introduction to gardening where participants learn to plant and nurture different types of vegetation. Gardening can allow self-esteem to grow right alongside the vegetables and flowers. Our interactive gardening activities are year-round. Both our outdoor gardens, as well the indoor growing displays, allow individuals to continually benefit from garden therapy.


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For more information on these Learning programs, please contact Dawn Barngrover