Grant's House


GRANT’S HOUSE provides after school and summer programming that facilitates the growth of children and young adults with special needs. GRANT’S HOUSE was created on behalf of the inspirational life of Grant House. Grant was a Wabash Center employee that passed away at 25, and left a large legacy behind. With community support, we proudly create a project that will benefit generations to come because of the life Grant House led. GRANT’S HOUSE will reflect Grant’s passions of setting goals, community participation, and strive for adult independence. Our community needs a resource that will accommodate individuals after academic hours, to form relationships and life skills. GRANT’S HOUSE is founded to create an outlet for young individuals with special needs and their families, so each individual has the opportunity to actively grow. May our ultimate goal for GRANT’S HOUSE be to have bodies, hearts, and minds thankful to be alive and working towards lifelong happiness under its roof.

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