Enterprise Services


Diversify your workforce and boost your bottom line through Wabash Center’s Enterprise Services.

We support individuals with disabilities in finding employment in the community. We provide necessary support in the workplace to aid individual growth and building important skills. These individuals qualify for a wide range of careers, from entry-level to professional positions. 

Wabash Center administers training and support services for our clients so that they are more independent – preparing them to achieve competitive employment within our community.

Enterprise Services help employers by ensuring:

  • Each employee is prepared for their first day of work

  • The employee’s skill set and capability is the best fit for the position

  • Continuing on-site support and job coaching from our staff

  • Ongoing employee success and productivity

Wabash Center Manufacturing

Wabash Center partners with manufacturing leaders to provide a fulfilling work experience for clients. These partners include: Wabash National, SMC, Blichmann Engineering, Oscar Winkski Logistics, and Simple Life Cycle Cold Brew. We also offer production staff and plant laborers for material handling at your facility. 

Wabash Center Janitorial

Our clients provide janitorial work for various public places including: small and large offices, churches, commercial buildings, medical/dental facilities, and industrial complexes.

All of our janitorial crew members complete a rigorous training program. Our clients are also accompanied by crew leaders who remain onsite.


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Offered Services Include

  • Home organization

  • Managing finances

  • Medication administration

  • Community activities

  • Developing social skills

  • Self-help training

  • On-call support – available 24 hours a day